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Whenever you need some top quality Aerial Cinematography in Scandinavia, Raven Films is here to serve you. Our heavy lift multicopter can lift cameras up to 7 kilos. We can provide footage with resolution up to 6K.

Our team will fulfill every technical requirement needed in your production or project.

Latest work (Lux Helsinki 2016)

Lux Helsinki 2016 (official) from Korppi Films on Vimeo.


// Heavy lift copter with a pro team
// Pro cameras and lenses
// Footage for movies, tv, events etc.
// Location scouting

How to get a quote?

Raven Films's pricing is based on the duration and standards demanded in the project.
Please provide a short explanation of your project to us by email and we will contact you as soon as possible.


  • Aerial cinematography for the movie 'Teit meist√§ kauniin'. Premiere 9/9/2016. (08.10.2015)
  • Red Epic Dragon added to camera options (05.10.2015)
  • New heavy lift copter added to the equipment (05.10.2015)
  • New site opened (05.10.2015)

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